Co-leading - the art of leaning into relationship
Conceived and designed by Co-Active® Leadership Alumni, our program helps you stay on track for your ‘In-Between’ Project. We help you learn new ways to connect fearlessly, engage fully and celebrate wildly.


Kate and Sara - BFFs
Damian - "I've got this!"
Layla - Reflection on risk
Mark and Cindy - getting things done
Kate and Sara - BFFs


I’m really excited about working with Sara on this leadership program. Our friendship blossomed right as we arrived at R1, and I think our partnership is going to be great. We’ve had some fantastic experiences together during our time in R2, which gives me confidence in our ability to co-lead this event successfully. I truly believe that our strong bond as friends will carry us through any challenges that may come our way, and my experience in making things work will be essential. It all feels so effortless!


Absolutely, Kate! I’m thrilled to be working with you on this leadership program. Our friendship may have fired up from the first moment at R1, and it means a lot to me. I’m confident that our connection will help us overcome any hurdles. Our past experiences together, especially through this last week at R2, have shown me that we work well together, and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve as co-leaders. Let’s make this event a truly meaningful experience for ourselves and everyone involved, no matter what!

How the Parachute Project™ Helps

It’s always amazing to work with someone who ‘get’s you’!

A strong friendship is a wonderful foundation for your co-leadership in the CTI Leadership program, so your genuine connection is a valuable asset.

Still, building your event together doesn’t happen inside the ‘hallowed ground’ of the retreat, it has to survive in the world of family and work pressures, delays, unexpected circumstances. The very things that cause frustration and stop us from leaning-in.

Our Parachute Project™ Co-Leaders are on this journey with you, they’ve seen (and know) how daily life and responsibility can erode even the best of love and intention. They will champion you, hold you accountable to each other, and to your project. They will help you to thrive – and will honour and respect you every step of the way.

Layla - Reflection on risk

Journal Entry – Date: 202X-04-14

Post-R2 Retreat Reflections

Coming home from R2 feels both comforting and unsettling. My room, with its familiar quiet, seems so different from the energy of Spain! The decision to join the CTI Leadership program felt so clear at the time; a new chapter, a chance for deeper self-understanding. And the distance I traveled just to get there on day 1, both physically and emotionally, wasn’t easy but felt right. It still does.

R1 opened my eyes in ways I hadn’t expected. I discovered so much about myself, pieces and layers of my soul, some which I hadn’t even acknowledged before. Others, I hadn’t even known were missing. This journey inward, the contemplation, has been profound. Between R1 and R2, I managed the additional readings and calls. It was challenging, and I found a way to make it work! This program has already taken me so far beyond what is acceptable for a woman in my world – and yes – I want more!

However, now, with the ‘In-Between Project’, I feel overwhelmed. I knew it was a part of the program, but the reality is settling in. Can I handle this on top of everything else? It’s daunting, like standing at the base of a mountain, unsure of how to start the climb.

Yes, I’m struggling. I’m not thinking of quitting – that’s not who I am. But I’m grappling with how to handle this new task without feeling lost. How will my project partner deal with my cultural freedoms – and how do I deal with theirs? There are still so many unknowns!

I hope a night’s rest will offer a clearer perspective in the morning – I could use some clarity right now!

How the Parachute Project™ Helps

Yes, R1 and R2 can really shift a person’s perspective and move them towards finding out who they are as a person now, and also who they can be as a leader going forward.

Simply put, we help you focus on using your humanity to build relationships that matter. Powerful relationships evolve through embracing vulnerability, genuine authenticity, attentive listening, insatiable curiosity, and the delightful unpredictability of surprise. These relationships are grounded in the courage to be present, the audacity to question, and the commitment to delve into the unknown with all that you are. Even if someone is unfamiliar with the art of co-leading, simply being part of such a dynamic transforms them.

One of the Parachute Project™ Co-Leaders often says:

Leadership is the journey that takes you apart, then puts you back together in the best version of YOU!”

The journey is different for everyone – which is, in itself, the magic of the co-lead!

Damian - "I've got this!"


I am no ordinary member of my team. In fact, I’m often regarded as the linchpin. Seeking efficiency, precision, and timely delivery? I have consistently demonstrated that I’m second to none when it comes to execution. Present a task to me, clearly define your expectations, and then just observe as I transform those requirements into impeccable results. Trusting me with responsibilities is not just advisable; it’s almost a company norm! My credibility isn’t just talk; it’s a proven track record.

Upon joining the Leadership program, I was met with a fresh perspective. Witnessing the Group’s leaders, their synergistic collaborations, and their innate knack to harness the Group’s collective dynamism was nothing short of inspiring. This collaborative world, however, feels slightly foreign to me. These leaders moved in harmony, operating in a sphere that appeared to be beyond my familiar domain. Their collaborative brilliance was awe-inspiring, yet, for me, it is uncharted territory.

But I am nothing if not adaptable. Though I initially felt like a fish out of water, my drive remains intact. When I say, “I’ve got this,” it embodies my resolve. The In-Between project, to me, is more than a task—it’s an arena, an opportunity to not just excel, but to redefine excellence on my terms.

How the Parachute Project helps

Embracing co-leadership is more than refining a personal skill; it’s a transformation of one’s leadership ethos. It’s about forging powerful connections that, while sometimes fleeting, leave an undeniable impact. When leaders come together in true collaboration, the resulting synergy often outshines any individual brilliance.

Many in leadership roles have an innate drive to lead effectively and achieve remarkable outcomes, sometimes leaving others behind in the process. Yet, co-leading presents its own set of challenges like loss of focus, and over strategizing. Done well, co-leading compels leaders to remain open to the perspectives of others, offer support as needed, and truly listen to the surrounding voices. Co-leading further nudges us to reevaluate our beliefs and realign with our human essence, something emphasized in the R2 activities.

The In-Between Project serves as a guiding light for those aspiring to evolve their leadership approach. It brings to mind the profound African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This saying perfectly embodies the In-Between Project’s foundational philosophy.

At the Parachute Project™, co-leaders are committed to lighting up this path, helping participants unearth their radiant potential in the realm of collaboration.

Mark and Cindy - getting things done

Mark’s Perspective

I’m really looking forward to this in-between project with Cindy. It feels like the stars have aligned with our combined skills. My experience with facilitation should complement her strengths in coaching and public speaking. Even though our list seems long, with venue hunting, participant gathering, and logistic management, I’m quite positive we’ve got this. And sure, the R3 deadline adds some pressure, but I’ve always prided myself on my time management abilities. Cindy’s incredible way of balancing work and life is another boon to our partnership.

Though Cindy and I haven’t known each other for long, her dedication is palpable. I’ve learned she’s even put some of her work commitments on the back burner to immerse herself in this leadership journey. I’ll be traveling to her town for the project; she has all the contacts we might need. While we’ll both decide on the tasks, I trust her to lead with timelines, participant acquisition, and marketing.

Of course, any endeavour comes with its set of uncertainties. And in the back of my mind, I wonder: are we ready for any unexpected challenges?

Cindy’s Perspective:

Working with Mark on this in-between project is such a thrilling opportunity. From our brief time together, I’ve come to deeply respect his unwavering certainty and responsibility, especially considering the personal challenges he’s faced. With my background in coaching and public speaking and Mark’s facilitation prowess, we’re surely the dream team. There are tasks to be tackled like planning, venue selection, and logistics, but with the synergy we have, it feels manageable.

My commitment to this leadership journey has led me to temporarily set aside some work aspects. Seeing leaders at retreats has inspired me, and co-leading with Mark, given our harmonious yet distinctive dynamic, elevates my excitement.

It’s convenient for Mark to come to my town as I have the essential contacts. We’re both set on contributing equally, but I’ll be taking the lead on timelines, getting participants, and marketing.

Yet, even with our shared confidence, a niggling thought remains: what unforeseen obstacles might we encounter?

How the Parachute Project™ Helps

Co-Leaders design everything – and it would seem like Mark and Cindy have this covered.

They both allude to ‘concerns’. Strong individual leaders sometimes push ‘concerns’ out of sight to the cost of the co-lead relationship.

Co-Leader strengths

  1. Mutual Respect and Valuation:
    While Cindy’s admiration for Mark is mentioned, Mark’s feelings or respect towards Cindy are not highlighted. Mutual respect is a cornerstone of effective co-leadership.
  2. Open Communication:
    There’s no mention of their communication strategies or how they plan to maintain an open dialogue. This is crucial in co-leadership to ensure that both parties are aligned and can address challenges together.
  3. Decision-Making Process:
    The narrative implies that Cindy takes the lead on some aspects, but how do they decide who takes the lead when? How do they resolve disagreements or differences in opinion?
  4. Feedback Mechanism:
    In any co-leadership relationships, there should be a mechanism for feedback. How do Mark and Cindy plan to give each other feedback, both positive and constructive?
  5. Skill Exchange and Learning:
    While their individual skills are highlighted, there’s no mention of how they might teach each other or learn from each other’s strengths. This exchange can be a powerful element of co-leadership, allowing both leaders to grow.
  6. Support System:
    How do they support each other, especially when one might be facing challenges? The narrative mentions Mark’s personal challenges, but how does Cindy, as his co-leader, support him during these times and vice versa?
  7. Shared Vision:
    While they have a “harmonious dynamic,” what’s their shared vision for the project? It’s vital for co-leaders to have a stake to guide their efforts.

Parachute Project™ co-leaders are always curious about these aspects of relationship and, if “Mark and Cindy” sign up for the Parachute Project, we’d be helping them discover their own unique ways of dealing with their concerns.

The Parachute Project added invaluable richness, depth and guidance to our in-between project. [Our coaches] provided insights into our I AM types and heightened awareness of how to use the connection we co-created during R2 which was/is a powerful reference for myself and my partner. And they were both powerful role models for the impact of Leadership and what can “Be”. Sending gratitude!


Working with Parachute coaches helped us lean more into letting go of the agenda and preparation and truly co-create. It also encouraged us to connect with each other deeper and really learn what drives us and what doesn’t.


The parachute calls were fantastic to help us design our alliance and focus on our stake (what we wanted to experience for ourselves and what we wanted to create for the group) and the deepening of our relationship. This definitely helped us set up an event that was OUR event, and allowed us to be totally on type and supporting each other in our respective needs. Thank you, it was really amazing!


The PP provides great support during a time when you can get too focused on the details. They provide guidance to focus on your relationship and what is required to create from each other. They helped us use the stake, assumption clearing and I AM types to our advantage. Excellent initiative!


The coaches that worked with me and my co-leading partner took us on a boat, gave us oars and they did not tell us HOW TO GET TO THE THE HARBOUR. They were WITH US – present, asking questions, being curious… How did they do it? No idea…. It was a pleasure to feel the support, intimacy and real connection. In such environment people can transform. [Our coaches] – you were the best lodestar!


[Our coaches] helped push our understanding of our I AM types to the next level along with our partnership overall. They helped us zoom back and clarify the kind of impact we wanted to have on our participants and how those participants would transform their own lives as a result. Without our Parachute Project team challenging us to think BIG, we may not have had such a powerful impact! Thanks!


I can’t imagine what the CTI leadership program looked liked before the presence of Parachute team. I believe the in-between project did not have as much impact as it did with them holding us throughout. I feel I got the most important piece of learning that needs to be landing from this. Being accompany by such high standard and clear minded coaches was such a privilege and a gift. Many thanks.


Our parachute coaches cleared our space from unwanted obstacles, limitations and unneeded difficulties. They helped me and my partner to go deeper in our relationship, inviting us over and over to truly listen to each other and uncover our best expression together. Despite all the unexpected events, we were able to grow and enjoy the opportunity given to us. Thank you for your magnificence!!


Parachute project made a definitive impact in our project. We understood that co-leading is about build an authentic and trustful relationship. I really loved the kind of coaching that I received during one of the most challengeable moments in the leadership program. Thank you so much Parachute project.


I loved the coaching from [Our coaches]. Insightful, direct, compassionate. They “got” us right away and were able to clear up a few assumptions that we hadn’t even identified for ourselves. I would love to write an endorsement, if you need another – and I would encourage all leaders to employ the parachutes.


At first we did not think we needed the parachute project, since we got along well and we worked well together. However with the project getting closer and needing to deal with some obstacles we realized it would be helpful to deepen the relationship. The Parachute project helped us with exactly that and provided us with additional insight in how we could further set up our project.


I absolutely recommend to any pair of leaders embarked in the leadership course to go for the parachute project while designing their In Between Project. In my case, the coaching sessions have had a major impact both in the relationship with my partner, in the learnings and it is having an impact in my experience as a leader. On top of that our coaches were great references to model. Go for it!


The Parachute Project™ Team

Co-Leader, Co-Founder
Co-leader, Co-Founder
Co-Leader, Co-Founder
Co-Leader, Co-Founder

I’m a tinkerer. I love making things work, finding novel ways to create something that’s needed. Sometimes, I create things just for the fun of it! I’ve been into start-up, before it was a thing.

From a background in Emergency services, Peer support, trauma management and a brain that thinks it’s a sponge, I’ve landed, in my later years, with even more curiosity about my capacity for leadership – especially as it pertains to our humanity.

The CTI Leadership program came at a time when I needed to make some profound changes in my life; I needed to wrestle with how others saw me as a leader. I needed to understand how I saw me as a leader. I’ve never stopped learning from that 10-month experience. I don’t think that learning will ever stop.

Life is messy, and that sets me alight – is where I thrive. I don’t know how to solve the problems of the world. Time has helped me glimpse the role I play in the grand tapestry of the world. It has taught me the importance of my own contribution to the greater whole, without knowing what that ‘greater whole’ is.

I don’t have big plans for ‘changing the world’ or ‘making a difference’ and I firmly believe that co-leading is humanity’s way forward.

My thought on my leadership today:

Leadership is the emotional courage to stand in a fire of our own making. J.Rowlands ©2009

Co-leader, Co-Founder

As an insightful business coach and experienced editor, I have had the privilege of helping aspiring authors bring their books to life through the editing, design, and publishing process.

I am also a co-founder of the Parachute Project, a groundbreaking initiative that has allowed me to work closely with over 100 project pairs.

What truly excites me is witnessing the remarkable growth and development of our participants as they navigate the exhilarating journey of creating and strengthening their co-leadership. It is through this process that I have gained a profound understanding of the immense impact that co-leadership can have on our world.

Through my own Leadership Program experience, I have come to cherish the lasting value that it continues to reveal. Opening my eyes and expanding my mindset, it has revealed an essential truth – that growth, development, and adaptation are constant in our ever-changing world. I firmly believe that we always have the power to choose how our leadership makes an impact, even in moments of doubt.

With a deep commitment to personal and professional growth, I am dedicated to helping others unlock their potential and excel in their own leadership journeys. Whether you seek guidance as an aspiring author or wish to enhance your business acumen, I am here to support you every step of the way. Together, we can create extraordinary

Co-Leader, Co-Founder

CTI leadership lives with me every day. That might sound like a mighty declaration but its true because my biggest learning was understanding me – like really! And then understanding and seeing others as equal leaders, unique and gifted in every conversation and interaction. Even with Monsieur Boulanger as I cycle along to buy my bread in the morning. Yes, I live in France and the skills, tools and support from my tribe enabled me to ‘up sticks’ and start a new life in a sunnier country.

Like a fine wine CTI leadership, if you allow it, matures with deeper and more humble notes as you continue to live it. It is it’s potential to change lives that has me supporting others through the Parachute Project.


When a beloved mentor and coach encouraged Beth to enroll in the Leadership Program, she trusted that this would be a life changing experience, and indeed this proved to be true.

Beth’s leadership quest inspired her involvement with the global organization, Narrative 4, where she is a facilitator, trainer, and Master Practitioner. In her work with Narrative 4, she leads story exchanges where participants are partnered to tell a story from their lives, and then in a group setting, retell their partner’s story in the first person, encouraging deep listening, compassionate connections, and specifically empowering young people to make needed changes in their communities.

Since leadership, whether facilitating story exchanges, coaching clients, in conversation with her adult children, or in the activities of daily life, she leads with compassion, curiosity, and intention. She attributes this way of being in the world to Leadership and considers it a privilege to continue her commitment to its tenets through the Parachute Project™.


Simone works with individuals, teams and organisations in transition – M&A, cultural change, rapid growth and re-organisation. She focuses on sustainable performance through building resilience and leadership. A human-centered, collaborative approach is blended with diagnostics, analysis and drive. Simone is an executive coach and facilitator working with executives, senior management and leadership teams in both the private and the not-for-profit sectors to build personal and team leadership capacities. Simone has co-designed, delivered and evaluated values- and competency-based development programs in the areas of leadership, resilience, change, results-based management, complexity and coaching. Simone has over 20 years’ experience in international HR Leadership roles, spanning multiple contexts and structures – private & not-for-profit sectors; start-up & conglomerate; matrix, functional, product, geographic; consulting, Oil & Gas, and Chemical industries. Latterly she was Global Head of HR at Puma Energy International which grew exponentially. While there, she led M&A HR due-diligence, acquisition and integration along with greenfield investment for growth. She has breadth and depth in all areas of HR practices.


Simone is passionate about unlocking conversations that generate insight and impact, and enabling organizations and communities to achieve healthier states, with greater inclusivity and participation.

She graduated with a triple-degree from the UK, Germany and France, where she read law, economics and business management, and holds an MBA from Barcelona.


As a seasoned Organizational Development professional Scott brings a unique blend of hands on and practical solutions based experience to leadership and executive development. A majority of his over 30 years experience has been within the automotive sector including one Fortune 500 organization for the past 20 years. His current external client base includes a diverse portfolio of middle to executive level leaders in the health care, engineering, manufacturing, education and IT sectors.

Scott is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and compliments this with a variety of professional certifications including Senior Professional in Human Resource Management (SPHR), Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), and Organization Relationship Systems Coach (ORSCC). He is also certified in a variety of assessment instruments including The Leadership Circle (TLC), Hogan, Integrative Enneagram (iEQ9), Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and DiSC

Scott currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. In his free time, Scott enjoys Crossfit, likes to travel, and is an avid reader. His dream is to someday own a second home somewhere in the mountains (preferably Colorado) and he would love to hike all or parts of the Appalachian Trail.


Since CTI Leadership I’ve turned from a lone she-wolf into a committed co-leader, founding Choose Leadership Ltd. with my partner Connor, and co-creating an online programme for co-leaders with my dear German colleague Ina.

I have deep experience of the ups and downs of co-leading, and of the value of leaning in and authentically communicating with one another.

CTI Leadership has ignited my discovery of who I am underneath my triggers and making peace with myself. I love being part of my Holly community. One of my Holly mates once described me at my best: bringing dynamic, exuberant, and adventurous energy and taking others out on a limb, in service of their vision and aspiration.

A mouthful to live up to every day as a coach and leadership facilitator!


For my work nowadays I lead transformation in a Dutch organisation for children and youth mental health services and foster care. Our aim is to provide matched care to children and their families. What drives me? I am also a foster mom to a 10 year old boy. I hope that with the work I do, less children have to go through what he went through.

Being part of the Parachute Project for me is a way to re-connect to wonderful leaders and how easy co-leading can be. I love the co-creating with my Parachute co-leaders as well as the co-creating with the new co-leaders we are having the pleasure to work with.

What I love about this space – and what is also my biggest learning from going through the leadership journey – is how much intimacy we can create in such a short amount of time.


To be perfectly honest I would rather be sitting in front of you and having a conversation that writing about myself, and yet here I am.

I am proud to be a team member of the Parachute Project and Leadership Alumni. It is through these organizations that I have gotten to know myself and understand my impact in the world through conscious relationships with myself and others.

My career history has been diverse, however the one main component has always been people. In my last role I worked for a non-profit Organization in Adult Outreach; working with women and sometimes men needing support, understanding and compassion. My clients understood my fierce coaching and support would never be sugar coated because I could see them as Naturally Creative Resourceful and Whole, and if I could see them this way, maybe they could as well.

As a team member of the Parachute Project, I value the ability to Co-Lead with others, to use my intuition, play and create from the energy that is present. This is where great discovery and understanding of ourselves and our impact shows up.

I view Leadership as a way I am being every day and in every situation; as a mother, daughter, sister, friend, partner or lover. If I am leading a group, supporting a friend or championing a client. This is where I show up as a leader, taking up space and being a conscious creator.

I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes by Rumi.

“Set Your Life on Fire. Seek Those Who Fan The Flames”

Ready to Register?

Here’s a couple of things you might want to know. We will only ask you for information that helps us register you for our program – names, emails and phone numbers, plus the name of your group. We’ll ask you how you heard about us. That’s it!

Registration is free – and there is a $100 CAD non-refundable deposit when you book your first call with your co-leaders. This ensures that there is someone available to help you, and it honours the time the co-leaders set aside for your four mentoring calls.

After your register, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to help you book that first call. We’re looking forward to learning more about you, and to helping you on this incredible journey of Leadership!

Terms and Conditions


How much does this Program cost?

We are delighted to offer two distinct programs, each with its own unique approach and benefits: the In-between Project and our Leadership Mentoring Program.

1. Leadership Mentoring Program: Available for enrollment anytime between R1 and R4, this program is designed to enhance your leadership skills through personalized, one-on-one mentoring. It focuses on your personal journey through the CTI Leadership Program, offering tailored guidance and support to help you maximize your growth and development.

The cost for joining this program is $150.00 CAD, with a $50.00 non-refundable deposit at the time of registering.

2. The In-Between Project: This program occurs between R2 and R3 and is centered around a 2:2 co-leadership model. Here, you and your partner will work closely with two of our co-leaders while co-creating the development and execution of an event. The sessions are specifically designed to enrich your co-leadership experience, providing a hands-on opportunity to apply leadership growth in a collaborative setting.

The cost for joining this program is $300.00 CAD. with a $100.00 CAD deposit payable when you book your first appointment.

Deposit Details:

  • Deposit: In either case, the deposit is a part of the total cost and is non-refundable.

These programs are crafted to stand independently, offering separate paths that cater to different aspects of leadership development. Whether you’re looking to deepen your personal leadership skills through the Leadership Mentoring Program or eager to experience co-leadership in action with the In-between Project, we’re here to facilitate a transformative experience.

We’re excited to support you in choosing the path that best aligns with your leadership journey.

Do I have to take part in this Leadership coaching to finish my CTI Leadership Program?

No, these Leadership coaching/mentoring programs are optional and not a necessary requirement for the completion of the CTI Leadership Program.

Who leads the coaching/mentoring sessions?

All our co-leaders are CTI Leadership Program graduates, so they’re qualified under our program to coach and mentor in the Parachute Project™.

Can this coaching/mentoring take the place of my event preparation?

No. This coaching/mentoring program is extra support to help you navigate developing your abilities as a co-leader. You still need to handle event setup, location scouting, participant gathering, and all other tasks on your own.

How many calls will my co-lead partner and I join?

You’ll both join up to 4 one-hour calls. All four are with your co-lead coach/mentors. These calls are two-on-two so, you are both expected to be present for each call, as are your Parachute Project™ co-leaders. Where you need to make changes, you will need to do that between the four of you.

On what platform are these calls conducted?

We hold all calls on Zoom™ and they are conducted in English.

For your security, we use encryption during our Zoom™ sessions.

We generally don’t record the calls, but if we do for internal audit reasons, we delete the recordings afterward.

Remember, the leadership program is entirely in English, hence the language choice for the calls.

Are these calls recorded?

That depends. We may occasionally record some calls randomly for internal review purposes. However:

  • We will always ask for your permission to do so – and our practice is to only retain the audio portion of the recording.
  • Ownership and internal distribution rights of these recordings remain with the Parachute Project™.
  • Audio recordings are stored in a secure location outside of the “Zoom™ cloud”, with limited internal access.
  • All video recordings are deleted immediately after the call.
  • Any audio recordings are automatically deleted when your group returns to R3.
  • We may – also with permission – retain a quote or comment to use in our training materials internally.
  • In all cases if permission is not given, there is no recording, audio, video or transcription created as a result.

Will I receive emails about the Parachute Project?

Yes, throughout the coaching/mentoring program, we will send you acknowledgments and reminders at different stages. Please note that opting-out of these emails isn’t possible, as they’re a vital part of our mutual agreement. Additionally, you might get the occasional personal follow-up email from one of your coach/mentors. When received, these are typically personal feedback observations, and are within the scope of the coaching/mentoring program, are considered discrete communications. They are not the property of the Parachute Project™.

What if I decide to discontinue the coaching/mentoring sessions?

A ‘completion’ call is a process we use that emphasizes the principles of completion and transparency. It is similar to the ‘talking stick’ process that you use at the end of each Retreat.

When you or your co-leading partner think about discontinuing your Parachute Project™ sessions after initially committing, it’s essential for both of you to discuss it.

If you both decide to discontinue, whether it’s one person’s choice or the preference of both, you both must attend the ‘completion call’. This procedure is grounded in the core values of ‘full permission’ and ‘responsibility for impact’, inviting a constructive conversation at the end of a perhaps difficult decision. All leaders can recognize and respect the wisdom in this step.

Will you stay in touch after the project ends?

After our time together, we’ll only reach out if we have your prior consent. Remember, you can opt out of our messages anytime after our last chat.

Will you ask for my feedback on the sessions?

Yes, we appreciate your feedback. We’ll ask for either written or spoken comments from you, and/or your partner, during our work together. Thank you for sharing them.

When is the honorarium payment due?

  • When enrolling in the Leadership mentoring program, $50.00 CAD non-refundable deposit is required. You will be invoiced for the balance of $100.00 CAD within about 2 weeks.
  • When registering for the In-Between Project session, a $100.00 CAD non-refundable deposit is needed. The balance of $200.00 will be invoiced for payment within a one to two week of your first call.

Can I use different payment sources for the two-payment option?

No, regardless of the frequency of payments, we can only accept one payment source for the entire program cost.

What should co-leaders do regarding payment before signing up?

We advise co-leaders interested in the program to secure their payment methods ahead of registration to ensure a smooth process. Discusions on how you manage financial resources within your partnership are a part of learning how to co-lead.

Terms and Conditions
  1. Voluntary Participation: While participating in our Leadership coaching/mentoring program is voluntary and not a prerequisite for completing your CTI Leadership Program, we ask participants to commit to an honorary fee of $300.00 for engaging in our services. This includes a $100.00 deposit due at the time of booking your first call with us.
  2. Qualified Co-Leaders: The Parachute Project™ Co-leaders are CTI Leadership Program alumni, ensuring they are adept at guiding you through this journey.
  3. Participation & Your Responsibility: While we offer guidance and mentorship, you are responsible for the creation of your material, securing a venue, and gathering participants for your In-between Project event.
  4. Commitment Upon Application: If you apply, anticipate participating in a maximum of 4 conference calls. All interactions will be in English and facilitated via Zoom™.
  5. Recording Policy: Occasionally, we wish to record calls for internal quality checks. Before any recording, we will seek your explicit consent. All rights pertaining to these recordings, including their management and internal distribution, rest with the Parachute Project™. Recordings are generally deleted before R3 for your group.
  6. Application Confirmation: By submitting the registration form, you confirm your genuine interest in joining the Parachute Project Co-Lead sessions and pledge to participate actively in the sessions.
  7. Email Communications Consent: Accepting these terms means you are allowing us to send you emails linked to your involvement in The Parachute Project™.
  8. Ongoing Communications: For supplementary communications like articles and blog posts, which are related to leadership but not essential to the Parachute Project™, we’ll always ask for your consent first. You can opt-out of these communications at any time, even before or after the final Parachute Project™ call.
  9. Termination and Completion Call: We stand by the principles of ‘full permission’ and ‘responsibility for impact’. If one member of the co-leading pair contemplates discontinuing the sessions after acceptance, they are advised to discuss the matter with their co-lead partner. If the co-leading pair comes to a consensus that if one or both wish to discontinue, then both are required to attend the ‘completion call’. Completion and transparency are fundamental aspects of the leadership program. All parties, as leaders, recognize the significance of this procedure.
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